Mobile Strategy By leveraging mobile technology, we are here to partner with you as your mobility consultant to give life to your ideas by understanding your requirements and proposing a right solution to it. Our expertise in mobile technology and highly skilled team coupled with in- depth research capability enables us to deliver required strategies for your business.

App Development


UI Design

A design is one of the key determinants of your business model. We know that a captivating UI has the capability to deliver a smooth flowing user experience. Our creative and adept team of designers is known to come up with fresh and ingenious UI designs while delivering a perfect user experience.

Confluo Mobile Application Development Services offer distinctive value:

  • We bring exceptional quality, application reliability and cost governance, through development and standardization.
  • We deliver exceptional business value with focus on innovation, intelligence and industry knowledge to meet your ever expanding IT challenges.


With over 50+ apps to our credit, we have one of the most experienced and adept mobile developers who are proficient in building Next Generation Apps. From simple Apps to intricate enterprise level apps – our team takes pride in developing outstanding mobile applications to serve clients worldwide.

Project Management

We have a highly competent project management team not only to keep track of every project closely but also to bridge the gap between the client and teams involved in the project. By providing transparent processes our Project Managers helps in getting the frequent progress report of the projects and annuls the possibility for any ambiguity.

Quality Assurance

Here at Confluo, we have an experienced and proficient in-house QA team that conducts the rigorous review and testing to ensure every mobile solution that is delivered is bug-free and runs smoothly.

Deployment and Maintenance

We provide exceptional app deployment services wherein our skilled deployment experts will assist you in deploying your app. And, our customized app maintenance programs ensure that your app is updated on-time and runs well on all intended devices and platforms