An Underdog Fable – Leicester City Story and the Enlightenment

Rewind the clocks back to 2 years ago, Leicester City (Pronounced as "LESTER" City) wasn’t even in the Premier League. Since the 90s English Premier League a.k.a. Barclays Premier League have been dominated by the wealthy clubs Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, etc. Leicester City FC secured the Pre

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Internet of Things’ Impact on Business

Often when people hear about IoT (Internet of Things), they think about it that it is for consumer-oriented scenarios like fitness bands, switching lights on, home security and so on. But in fact, the Internet of Things has a big room to transform business and that too, completely. You should accept this fact that telematics is not

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In A Fintech Bubble

Financial technology a.k.a. Fintech is used to describe the arise of the financial sector where the establishments use technology to make financial services more systematic and productive. Large sums of money and vast establishments is what attracted the tech moguls towards the financial sector. The volume

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