So how big is Amazon Web Services cloud computing division set against Microsoft and Google?

It’s tough to make a comprehensive apples-to-apples comparison because none of these companies are particularly transparent when dispensing information about the financial health of their operations. However, a latest report from New-Hampshire based organization Technology Business research projects Amazon’s cloud revenue

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Google Drive!! Will it get the throne for end user cloud storage

There is around 1 exabyte worth of data being kept in the cloud. That’s 1 million gigabytes and more. No wonder all the prominent names are continuously evolving their services, hoping to retain users and entice new ones. With the announcement of new pricing for its iCloud service, Apple wishes to keep the iOS faithful backed up

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Axway Develops Operational Intelligence Competencies

Axway, a pioneer in governing the flow of data, launched Axway Decision Insight, better known as Systar Tornnado. Decision Insight enables business owners to proactively manage operational objective of business, which encompass, meeting service level agreements, lower the operational cost and improve customer experience. Globall

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