Businesses face greater pressure than ever to drive excellence in business and IT operations—to increase IT agility, to simplify technology and open ended to use new best in class services. We offers a full spectrum of technology services, which can deliver robust solutions for industry leadership in today’s complex world. Confluo can help you transform individual applications or your entire portfolio to take full business advantage of advances in enabling technology. Confluo has the objectivity, rare scope and breath to meet client needs and challenges, whether a straightforward technical implementation or an enterprise-wide transformational change.

Confluo combines deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and unsurpassed delivery capabilities to drive breakthrough results. We can help your business leverage SAP in areas such as analytics, cloud, and mobility, to deliver value and innovation.

Confluos’ strategy for delivering SAP programs for clients is, above all, business-value driven and organized to help clients to achieve high performance. Confluos’ SAP services encompasses helping clients leverage SAP technologies to create unique competences, their own distinctive method for business success.

We design applications that are tightly associated with client business goals: drive towards measurable, tangible business results; and build the competencies that allow them to withstand and extend business enhancements.

Wherever clients are positioned in the SAP life-cycle, we deliver the industry best SAP solutions through our SAP practitioners, state-of-the-art assets and methodologies, long-standing alliance with SAP and investments in research and innovation.

Confluo’s Application Services for Microsoft are focused on helping organizations achieve high performance by delivering business solutions on the Microsoft platform effectively and at scale.

Confluo’s deep industry and technical knowledge, strategic insights, business acumen and extensive implementation experience in Microsoft Technologies helps us to deliver better overall business value for our clients, in form of more effective and efficient solutions tailor made to their needs and delivered at a lower cost.

Java is open source, platform-agnostic and portable. It is useful in situations as diverse as organizing applications to the cloud or integrating on a variety of middleware platforms.

Confluo helps organizations create enterprise-scale Java-based, sophisticated solutions using dependable methodologies and increased automation, enabling you to reduce application development efforts to 25 percent. Confluo helps enterprises harness Java’s full potential to:

  • Increase delivery quality through standardized architectures and IT tools across the application range, from packages software to web to cloud to mobile.
  • Improve forecasting through standardized validation and transitions points, workflows and deliverable templates.
  • Decrease delivery cost through an ideal mix of resources.
  • Leverage evolving technologies to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Information Technology systems are the foundation for attaining high performance in today’s challenging business environment—but they must also be cost effective, agile amd able to use disruptive technology. Confluo has the tested practices and frameworks to develop enterprise-scale Java-based solutions that will help attain these goals: usability and agility of IT systems, speeding time to market and improving the quality.

Confluo’s Application Middleware Management Services address the middleware spectrum. We provide middleware performance and capacity management, middleware support operations, integration and automation. Moreover we offer middleware consolidation and transformation services and middleware security management services. Confluo with its expertise, tools and assets provides a spectrum of middleware services to help encounter your needs.

At Confluo, we are evolving the industrialization mindset of the past decade to intelligence for the digital era—raising the bar on testing productivity and speed while delivering higher quality applications at lower cost.

Today, IT budgets continue to be limited. Technology too is getting more complex. Add in the new realities—social, mobility, analytics and cloud—that are fundamentally changing how companies do business. In summary, organizations globally are looking for new ways to improve quality and speed and lower the cost while managing their digital transformation. This is especially true when they spend as much as 12 percent of the annual IT budget fixing core application problems.

Confluo thinks differently about application testing—more innovatively and holistically. Our experience in delivering leading end-to-end testing services have taught us that by adopting industrialized processes and infusing intelligence into delivery, organizations can reduce operation costs and improve application stability. We go one step further as we work with them to improve testing productivity through predictive analytics, automation and industry specialization to drive quality throughout their application life-cycle.

With an intelligent approach to application testing we help organizations reduce critical defects by 90 percent, improve productivity by up to 50 percent and cut test operation costs in half.

In a business environment where cost and speed to market are both critical factors, open source software can play a key role in helping organizations develop the capabilities they need to achieve high performance quickly at reduced cost. Confluo provides technology strategy and implementation services to optimize and accelerate the use of open source based on wide-ranging business and industry knowledge and deep technology experience.

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the landscape of technology and business, allowing its adopters to better harness other emerging technologies such as social media, mobility, big data and advanced analytics to transform their business.

It is time to look at your organization holistically, and create a game plan for using cloud computing to your advantage. Why? Cloud underpins mobility, analytics and social media. For starters, Confluo can help your organization to map its digital future in the cloud. How? By doing things cheaper, faster, with more computing power and with a level of customization users simply couldn’t have expected previously. If you’re still talking about the cloud as something separate from your business rather than talking about solving business problems with the latest technologies, it’s time to change the conversation. Welcome to your digital future—and a whole new way of working.

Confluo can help ease the transition to this new way of working. With deep insights and extensive experience, we help our clients establish and maintain a thriving IT ecosystem in which multiple stakeholders and multiple technologies come together seamlessly to drive organizational growth.