Retaining and finding resources with the precise skills and experience for your IT ecosystem can be thought-provoking, particularly when you need to swiftly scale up and down IT teams to match business demands. It’s a delicate balance: Reduce your application environment costs while continuously optimizing and innovating. Partner with us and work with a team that’s sharply focused on creating your IT applications more consistent and profitable. Our Outsourcing services can help you leverage mobility, social media and analytics to enhance talent acquisition, development and performance and the increase profitability.

To reach the next level of IT effectiveness—and meet growing business demands—IT has to get “percipient.” Confluo is raising the bar on IT efficiency and performance by evolving the old methodology mind-set of the past decade to one of intelligence for the digital era, organization knowledge to accelerate solution delivery across the application life-cycle, increasing automation and expanding re-usability of technology.

Confluo’s emphasis on operational excellence, resulting rigorous, repeatable and standardized processes, with business objectives and metrics that we constantly monitor. We can support your operation’s capacity to outpace with an assurance to integrate intelligence and modernization over outsourcing partnership.

Confluo Application Outsourcing Services offer distinctive value:

  • We bring exceptional quality, application reliability and cost governance, through development and standardization.
  • We deliver exceptional business value with focus on innovation, intelligence and industry knowledge to meet your ever expanding IT challenges.

Today’s indecisive and restive workforce makes it challenging to find and retain seasoned human resource. Confluo Application Capacity Services provide provisioning of skilled IT professionals on a constant basis to supplement current client teams. With this offering, we can offer a rich mix of offshore resources as desired, thereby maximizing flexibility and minimizing cost.

Confluos’ capacity services value propositions:

  • Reduce upto 40% in resource expense by leveraging Confluo’s offshore team.
  • Improve agility by encompassing a flexibility to meet ever changing demands and challenges.
  • Improve upto 5-10 % in project start-up time through access to a broad range of essential readily available skills sets and basic contracting.

A highly productive and performing workforce is the basic foundation of a true, long-lasting competitive distinction. Organizations need to attract and retain key resources and ensure constant upscale of their skills as per the market and industry standards. Many organizations both in niche and peer in their respective domains are turning to the experts like Confluo to achieve the goal of attaining high performance and improve workforce performance.

Confluo understands that prominent organizations are considering to outsource for cost-savings and process efficiencies. That is why our state-of-the-art Talent and HR Services use sophisticated analytics to produce insights that enable faster and efficient decisions and improved operations. Confluos’ Talent and HR services delivers best in class benefits, in-line with business results and cost effectiveness.