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Confluo Strategic Consultancy, operates at the intersection of business and technology. Because technology is transforming every organi ...

Technology Services

Businesses face greater pressure than ever to drive excellence in business and IT operations—to simplify IT, increase IT agility and ...

Outsourcing Services

Finding and retaining resources with the right skills and experience for your IT organization can be challenging, especially when you n ...

Enterprise Architecture and Application Strategy

Our Enterprise Architecture and Application Strategy services help clients align their business and technology..

Application Modernization and Optimisation Strategy

CIOs and IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less. We help define and implement..

Innovation and Product Development

Confluo’s Innovation and Product Development (IPD) services cover the end-to-end spectrum of the product..

Middleware Strategy

To successfully implement and get the most out of your middleware, you need deep product knowledge, experience..


Confluo combines deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and unsurpassed delivery capabilities to drive..


Confluo’s Application Services for Microsoft are focused on helping organizations achieve high performance..


Java’s IT benefits help organizations do just that. Java is open, portable and platform-agnostic. It is beneficial..


Confluo offers application middleware management services that address the middleware spectrum. We provide middleware..


At Confluo, we are evolving the industrialization mindset of the past decade to intelligence for the digital..

Open Source

In a business environment where cost and speed to market are both critical factors, open source software..

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the landscape of technology and business, allowing its adopters..

Application Outsourcing

To reach the next level of IT effectiveness—and meet growing business demands—IT has to get “smarter.”..

Application Capacity Services

Today’s fickle and restless workforce makes it challenging to find and retain skilled people. Confluo Application..

Talent and HR Services

A high performing workforce is the foundation of true, long-lasting competitive differentiation—companies need..


We help you harness the power of emerging technologies while getting the most of out of your legacy IT. We combine business and industry insights with technology know-how.

Why Choose Us

We were "born global" and we have a unique understanding of the emerging world of business. We are a virtual organization with leading-edge tools, such as Confluo, that facilitate collaboration across a global workforce. We are made up of millennials and we recognize the importance of this generation of workforces and customers. With Futuristic ideology in our DNA, we use best in class technology and industry best practice including cloud, Bigdata, middleware technologies and other IT platforms for clients business transformation and modernization.

Confluo’s ability to help clients transform their businesses draws strength from the people Confluo has , who bring in not only intelligent insight but also , new ideas, inspirations and passion to help you succeed in changing business environment.

Talented Teams: We endeavor to employ the brightest and the best in the industry: people who can think strategically about clients’ needs and are empowered to make a difference.

Collaborative Capabilities: Our pioneering enterprise collaboration platform Confluo, enables real-time knowledge management and the seamless sharing of work across our global network.

Commitment to Innovation: Our investment in innovation is helping clients address not only present but future needs. Our teams are trained to think strategically, where they are ready and equipped to tell you not only HOW TO DO IT, but also, WHAT TO DO.

Strategy of Reinvestment: Our commitment to continuously reinvest in new skills and technologies helps ensure Confluo Teams will be able to respond to our clients’ needs today and tomorrow.

Your project will change as it develops. We embrace that change. Our process is based on Agile Methodologies and delivers great software through short development iterations (1 or 2 weeks in length). You prioritize each iteration’s features. Then, we build, test, and deliver incremental releases of the final product. This minimizes your financial and project risk and will cause you to fall madly in love with us.

Impressive Results for Your Unique Business: We have a reputation for process genius, fanatical testing, high quality, and software joy. Whatever your business, our methods will work well in your field

Design that Matters: We’re more than code junkies. We’re a company that cares how a product works and what it says to its users. There is no reason why your custom software should be difficult to understand or confusing to use. We’re finding innovative ways to integrate great design into great software and to learn along with you what your software wants to be.

Relentless Software Testing Means High Quality: We simply don’t release anything that isn’t tested. Tell us something can’t be tested under automation, and we’ll go prove it can be. We create tests before we write the complementary production software. Test Driven Development means your software is as flawless as practically possible. The office traffic light goes red if even one of our thousands of automated tests fails.

Atomic Weight Watchers – Lean Development: Our company and our processes are always on a diet – we strive to be lean and lightweight. We aim for simplicity, openness where mistakes are admitted and learned from, and transparency with you. All this reduces the collective mass of your project and means quick response, good communication, reduced cost, and relevant decisions.

We provide clients with access to the latest and most relevant technology to solve problems and propel their business forward. Confluo continually incubates new approaches and services offerings to prepare clients for new technologies with significant business potential. We focus on technologies that promise to reduce costs, streamline processes and speed time-to-market.

Incubation & Co-Innovation: we work with our customers to establish centers of excellence within their ecosystem; co-invest in resources and personnel to help incubate platforms and solutions specific to their objectives; and help prepare them for emerging technologies.

R&D Labs: We have invested in a strong R&D competency and lab infrastructure and work with our customers to solve strategic problems. Typically such problems require research and experimentations, prototyping and running proof of concepts to validate solution options and make appropriate technology decisions.