AWS: Is it as great as Amazon is claiming, yes, maybe, maybe not!!

Having been gathered information from offices using Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have come to know a lot about the reason it is being celebrated in the corporate circles nowadays. However, with this knowledge gathering that we have done for some time now, we fairly have an idea about what’s not so good about it. What we have man

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Legacy Application Modernization – Why we need it

Information Technology has always been the spearhead of agility and innovation. State-of-the-art and innovative applications fuels to the organizations’ productivity and growth, accelerate competitive edge and automate key business processes. But trailblazing, applications and systems of yester years become legacy application of

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Agile implementation – A differentiator to crack large deals

In today’s changing world, businesses transform rapidly and so is the competition, hence the desires tend to change within Projects. In such scenarios, cost of change can be haughty. Agile practices enables developers to reduce these costs and exhibiting faster results with lesser formalities. Currently, the Information Tec

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