Axway Develops Operational Intelligence Competencies

Axway, a pioneer in governing the flow of data, launched Axway Decision Insight, better known as Systar Tornnado. Decision Insight enables business owners to proactively manage operational objective of business, which encompass, meeting service level agreements, lower the operational cost and improve customer experience.

Globally, across organizations, staff member achievements are measured as per strategic customer demands, compliance obligations and customer requirement. Decision Insight by Axway, provides, actionable intelligent, predict insights and also situation awareness as per the right context to the right person at the right time.

As per the leading market research firm-Gartner, by 2017, organizations using predictive business performance metrics will increase their profitability by 20. It has proven and robust dashboards and alert features for all operational intelligence category, including risk, compliance, process, business performance, client and business. It enables better decision making by business users in real-time.

Axway, Decision Insight enables a wide spectrum of solutions to be implemented on it, with rapidity, flexibility and each solution can be customized as per the business context. Decision Insight by Axway offers business users innovative attributes includes fast and smart decision making in real-time, which makes it a powerful tool to cater operational excellence challenges.

  • Personalized information Insight – It is a comprehensive operational intelligence tool, which enables the business analysts, business users and other business stakeholders to get a customized view of their information with a single user interface for better consequence of business decisions in real time.
  • Efficient time to value usage with high flexibility – It builds a production-ready environment that can support steady improvements to important business applications. With an open source platform, non-technical users can configure and create applications. With lean configuration process, businesses can configure new changes in the dashboards within hours.
  • Time based analytics – It provides a production ready ecosystem that can aid continuous improvement to vital business application, through its temporal analytics, temporal data structure and bi-temporal indexing and determine the sign of danger based on past business information.
  • Lower the Total-cost-of-Ownership – This platform is completely self – contained, designed on JAVA and it does not require any additional operating software like web servers, database and other applications, thus enable businesses to achieve operational excellence with lowered cost.

In the today’s competitive world, where operational excellence is a vital value proposition for any business, consistent operational information helps businesses to proactively manage business-critical operation and reduce risks. Business users can use both real-time and past historical operational data to achieve operational objectives and ever changing organization-wide goals.

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